The Main Pros&Cons of Homework: Is it Beneficial?

Homework has both positive and negative impacts. What are the benefits of it? The amount of work given to students is causing a lot of debates. There is no need to give students a lot of work that will not help them in any way. Some students are affected both mentally and physically just because of an assignment. Some schools have ban homework just for the sake of their students. It is not easy to make, but it comes with a lot of positivity. Kids have to do an assignment that takes approximately three hours per week. If small kids take that time in their work, what amount of time does a secondary student take?

Experts say that homework equips students with skills and also helps them perform well in school. Assignments are also a way of making parents know the capabilities of their children.

People that are against homework say how dangerous they are to students. It takes all their time, and they are not able to have enough sleep and also take part in other activities. Some students end up cheating just because they want to complete their work. That does not help them in any way. No evidence shows the benefits of homework on kids.



  • Improves the Achievement of Students

Assignments help students do better at school and also have skills that will help them later in life. The moment a student completes his/her homework, there is a high chance of them getting to college. Success is what every student wants, and when they do my homework online, they automatically reach where they want.

  • Good Study Habits and Life Skills

The more a student practices, the more knowledge he/she acquires. The teacher only gives a certain percentage in class. It is the work of the student to work harder for the rest. A student will be able to plan and study without having anyone to monitor him/her.

  • Involvement of Parents

It is pleasing when parents are eager to know the capabilities of their kids. They will have to monitor everything and also know the exact problem their kids have and how they can sort it with their teachers.



  • A lot of Tasks Can be Dangerous

Too much work can overburden students and lead to different problems. It is unsatisfying when a student goes to school stressed and sleepy. If it is a must student go home with extra work, it has to be minimal. A lot of work can make students fear going to school.

  • Does Not Favor Students from Low-income Families

Students come from different backgrounds. Some are rich, and the ones that are poor and have to do other activities for them to get money. Some students do not have lights in their homes, and others have to go to bed hungry. There is no way such a student will be able to finish an assignment. Some students do not even see their parents because they have three jobs to do. It is difficult for such students to concentrate and complete the work.

  • There is No Evidence That Homework Helps Kids

Why should kids be given tasks if they do not help them in any way? It is unpleasant to use an old method just for the sake of not considering anything. Kids should go home free and relax their minds for the next day.