Is Homework a Must for Students?

A large number of students have problems with homework. They do not see the need to carry extra work to do at home. For the longest time, teachers have always given students tasks so that they get better in education. There are also negative things that have made them rethink if students must have an assignment. Some people think that giving students’ homework is an old fashioned way of making them better.


Things Research Says About Assignment

A professor insists that students should always have homework. Some students do their work only to complete and start doing other activities, while others do it for success. Students in the upper grades experience it more. Students have different motives. He went ahead and suggested that students in the first grade should have a ten-minute assignment. It does not to be too much for them to learn. By the time a student reaches twelfth grade, he/she should be able to complete a two-hour assignment daily.

Whatever he said did not give a correct explanation of whether students did well because of homework. There is a large possibility that students who try and complete their work every day have a chance of performing well at school. Cooper went ahead and said how homework causes a lot of mental health to some students. He concluded by saying that research has to give results to know if students should go home free or not.

 Other researchers argue that homework is not a problem. It is mostly about the type of homework teachers give students. The amount of work also matters. Students should not have a lot of work that overburden them. If a student is in middle school and goes home with homework that requires two hours, there is a high possibility the student will not pass.

Indiana researchers went ahead and supported teachers giving students both math and science assignment. Students who do their math and science homework are likely to get excellent grades. The funny thing is they did not see any difference between students who did work and those who chose not to do anything. Professor Maltese talked about how homework is not issued as it should be. The fact that many parents and instructors support tasks, there are no results that show if it is essential.


Problems That Come With Homework

A teacher went ahead and talked about the struggles kids have while doing their homework. Some students take more than three hours to complete a thirty minutes assignment. Samantha, a teacher, is having the same problem with her kids. She did not know the struggles that parents were talking about, but she experienced everything. She talks about how parents expect their children to do the homework every day that teachers give them.

A psychologist talks about how students who struggle with homework have no chance of passing in school. He goes ahead and says that if a student does not do the work allocated, he/she is not indolent. The students may have problems, that is why they are not doing their tasks. Some students face depression and stress just because of assignments. Students with disabilities should not even have any homework. They should go home and relax so that they can feel better.