Best Books About Elections, Politics and Voting for Kids

The world is a complicated place, and kids understand that more than most adults. They may not understand the intricacies of the U.S. Constitution or why voting is important, but they will start asking their parents these questions as they grow older. While parents should not be the only source of information regarding politics and voting, they can provide a great deal of information to help them understand what’s going on.

Here is a list of books to encourage your kids to start learning about their world, whether it’s a political one or not.


If young readers were to follow the advice they find in this book, the outcome of every election would be a landslide! This mini-book features information on voting essentials, ballot issues, and candidates. You can fold out this book and tie it with a string so readers can easily carry the pages on Election Day. With its pocket-sized design and authoritative information, this is a handy book for young voters.

Running for Public Office

This informative book explains the hows and whys of running for public office to kids, who often see themselves as leaders. It covers everything from announcing a candidacy to winning the election. The book has five sections that answer age-appropriate questions about being a politician, including “What do you have to do to get elected?” and “How can I find out more about the candidates?”


This book provides kids with more information about elections, specifically U.S. presidential elections. The book explores the history of elections, the people who have held public office, and what kids can do to be part of the process. It also includes an eye-catching timeline feature that makes it easy for youngsters to absorb all the information they read in this short, easy-to-read picture book.

So You Want to Be President?

This book is a light-hearted look at what it takes to be president, including the good, the bad, and the ugly – all the 11 chapters in this book highlight different aspects of being President of the United States. The book is full of fun facts that kids will enjoy reading about throughout this informative narrative.

Max for President

It is a board book that encourages young readers to think about running for public office. It talks about what Max thinks he needs to do to be elected, but the reader is left to draw his conclusions. The book also promotes discussion about why people run for political office and what they can do about it.

Who Will I Vote For?

This book is the perfect book for kids who are just beginning to learn about voting. The book presents basic information on how to be involved in the political process. It also explains what questions kids should ask themselves before voting, such as whether they agree with the candidates’ opinions and if their characteristics are similar to those of the candidates they support.


While it may be impossible to shield kids from the confusing world of politics, parents can help them understand their world and help kids learn about voting, elections, and other essential topics. The books on this list will give them a good start.