10 Things to Consider Before Becoming a Law Student

When students go into the study of law without understanding the details involved in the course; issues will likely come up. It will be in the best interest of every law student if they understand the expectation of what they are going to meet before they sit for the first lecture under law. The following facts will help in preparing the minds of the students for what they are going to come across during the duration of the course.

  1. The career prospects: The career prospects in law are very bleak. The majority of the law firms are reducing the number of trainees and the law degree is not a guarantee to riches. The high earnings that outsiders think lawyers are paid are never the reality on the ground.
  2. You will read a lot: It should be clear to any intending that they have to read wide. The text involved is very large and students will spend hours in the library reading.
  3. Organization: Every intending student of law should expect a high volume of workload. You are expected to work very hard and smart. The organization is key to getting expected results during student.
  4. Expectation: Whenever your friends and acquaintance gets to know about your involvement in law; they will seek free legal advice from you. This is a service that you are not naturally expected to execute for free. Your hands will be tied to offer the service for free.
  5. Life pattern: Expect your time to be completely taken over by the demands from the course. Your entire being will revolve around tutorials and seminars.
  6. Competition is high: When you get to law school, you are going to be confronted with the challenge of trying to outwit your fellow students to the position of being the best student. Prepare for the academic war of trying to outwit your colleagues.
  7. Cost of the textbook: You should get prepared for the high cost of getting the law books right from your first year. The law textbooks cost a fortune. In your first year, there is the chance of buying a single book for as much as 140 British pounds.
  8. Doubts about career path: You are going to get to a point of no return. The workload will become so intense at one point in time and you are going to doubt your choice. This is the reason why some students drop out without completing the course of study.
  9. The transformation from A-levels to law school: There is a big difference between A levels and law school. The academic performance will sure drop as you enter law school. You must prepare for this change in career prospects.
  10. Common phrases: The law can be likened to a social stereotype. You are going to come across series of common phrases during training. Every law student is expected to get prepared for the right answers to these phrases as they are being thrown on their path. 


The 10 tips above represent part of the expectations that will be demanded from every law student. When you are prepared for ways to tackle these challenges, the study of law will be smoother. Expected results will be achieved because you will be psychologically prepared for the fireworks that come with the study of law.